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Now more than ever before, we have come to the conclusion that the church is not a place. It is not where we are THAT MATTERS it is where God is.

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NB Anywhere Is Everywhere!

Wait... What is it?
NB Anywhere is an virtual church which allows NBBC to be everywhere. This virtual sanctuary creates an environment of worship using watch parties. Watch Parties are a fun, easy way to experience church at home. New Bethel believes everyone is a disciple, EVEN YOU! Invite a few friends and neighbors over to your house to watch Sunday service, talk, and when the world reopens, eat together.

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Why Watch Parties?

Casual & Convenient

If you’re like most of us, your week is filled with meetings, activities, and responsibilities. Even if you love going to church on Sunday, it can be intimidating choosing a place to worship. Maybe you are not yet ready for corporate worship and prefer a more intimate environment. Watch Parties offer a fun and casual alternative that’s convenient and inclusive. NB Anywhere is a place to BELONG.

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Share Your Faith

It can be intimidating to share your faith with others. It does not come natural to everyone and can be uncomfortable for new and seasoned Christians alike. Watch Parties provide you with an easy, organic way to start a dialogue with your friends and neighbors in a social setting over brunch or a zoom call. You don't just watch service in a sanctuary. NB Anywhere allows you to engage, ask questions, and give answers without being shh'ed. What a great new way to show them what we BELIEVE.

Share your faith at New Bethel

Meaningful Conversations

As a watch host, you attend a service with your group that has been intentionally produced for you to experience on a digital platform or in your home. Your guests will not only enjoy the amazing worship experience and timely message from Pastor D but can engage naturally in conversations about life and faith. Dialogue is how we BECOME.

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